Welcome to the demonstration site for CSIRO's 3D Online Education Technology

CSIRO is developing technology that will allow remote visitors to 'visit' a museum using an immersive web interface. The system is designed to allow remote visitors to feel as though they are on an actual tour in the museum. The enabler for this rich and interactive online experience will be the high-bandwidth National Broadband Network (NBN).

This deployment, in conjuction with the Australian National Maritime Museum, features tours taking place on board the HMB Endeavour. Multiple cameras on the ship allows the students to experience the ship while guides give scientific and historical lessons.

For more information about the project, see the CSIRO main site

This is an Australian Government funded initiative

Mobile Telepresence System:

  • Allows live interaction between remote students and an educator on the ship
  • Multiple remote students connect via a single panoramic camera, but can control their own view on the ship
  • Remote students can access additional digital content about objects on display, augmenting their tour experience

CSIRO and the Australian National Maritime Museum are collaborating to design and develop technology, content, and educational programs that combine to provide an experience that is:

  • Immersive: The remote student feels as if they are present on the ship
  • Interactive: Remote students engage in discussions with the educator and other students on their tour
  • Engaging: Students can explore digital content that is relevant to the current conversation

Please take a look at the requirements page to see if your system is suitable.